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"I’m not sure about God. Not the one I learned about in Sunday School anyway."

"You see, those opening lines up there, that’s basically what had been rumbling round my head for the last couple of months. I’ve been reading the Bible and it has been doing exactly zero to help my doubts and confusion but I have been struggling to put my thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences. Then one evening I picked up I’m Not Sure About God and read it from cover to cover and managed to piece together some of the things I’d been feeling and also found reassurance and comfort between the pages too. I’m Not Sure About God starts out as a brief memoir and then the second half is a collection of sermons Armitage wrote during his time as a Methodist Lay Speaker. The sermons are thoughtful, gentle and not at all preachy – all just as easy to read as the memoir section was. Reading about how Armitage still loves attending his church, has solid faith and yet also has his doubts about God and a grounded, realistic, approach to Jesus and his teachings helped me to realise that how I’m feeling is okay. I don’t feel quite as lost as I did before I picked it up." 

                                                                                        —Book Reviewer, Carole-Heidi

 One Day Wiser will be a series of four handbooks that together contain 365 sobriety related slogans—one for each day of the year. 
Some of the slogans are the traditional, familiar ones. Some are new, written by author, William Armitage. Accompanying each short slogan will be a longer interpretation with an additional beneficial message for the reader. Coming Spring 2021. More at: 

I’ve enjoyed amazing grace all my life.
I’m just not sure I want it played at my funeral.
The hymn that is.
I guess if someone insists on it behind my back on the day there won’t be much I can do about it.
But it is a bit of cliché now, don’t you think?
Don’t get me wrong. Amazing Grace is lovely. It has brought tears to my eyes at many a funeral.
And I seem to be going to them with increasing frequency these days.
My friends keep dying.
Everyone I know now seems to be someone I knew.
The other day a friend asked me to help her sync up her address book from her iPhone to her new MacBook. She decided to update it as well.
I was deleting while she was going through a battered old Filofax (remember those?) that she keeps as a backup in case technology lets her down.
“Dead. Dead. Dead. Kicked it. Popped her clogs. Wait! Go back to ‘R’ and delete Sybil Robinson. Poor old bugger—she went last July, bless her.”
“You might not need an address book soon,” I told my sweet friend who was now in tears. Laughing.                      

                            —From Hymns I Want at my Funeral. Coming Spring 2021

                                                                               ABOUT THE AUTHOR

William Armitage was an award-winning advertising copywriter and art director before turning to the book marketing, editing, and publishing world. He is the author of the well-received I’m not sure about God and the upcoming Hymns I Want at My Funeral as well as 'CB' The Croissant Bird. He was also the developmental editor of National Bestseller Unblinded by Traci Medford-Rosow and Kevin Coughlin, and he is the editor of the popular Max the Flying Sausage Dog children's books.

"To my developmental editor (William Armitage) who always knows what the story is even before I know it myself.  You are indeed my Max Perkins—Editor of Genius."  

                                                                                     —Traci Medford-Rosow, Author of  National Bestseller, Unblinded

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